Dear Harris School Community,

My name is Jennifer Randall, and it is with great pleasure that I join your community as principal of Harris Elementary School. I am honored to lead the teachers and staff at Harris to continue the hard work of educating students, as we enter the next phase COVID. I write to share my values and beliefs as an educator, and provide some insight into my goals for the 2022-2023 school year. 

I join the community with over 16 years of educational experience, ranging from teaching first grade to high school. I have held leadership roles in several schools, including serving as the Head of the Middle School at an independent school in Massachusetts. Most recently, I have been employed by East Providence Schools as an elementary Math Curriculum Leader. In this role, I work with teachers to implement the math curriculum, and serve as the math interventionist for grades K-5.

As an administrator I hold the following core values and beliefs: 

Every child deserves to feel safe.

Each student has the right to have highly qualified teachers who engage, motivate, and differentiate.

Every parent deserves to know that their child is safe, cared for, and their voice is heard each day. 

Each student has the right to feel valued and appreciated by their community.

Strong relationships among administrators, students, faculty, staff, and families are vital to the success of the school.  

I look forward to the 2022-2023 school year. I have heard wonderful things about the students and families at Harris. My objective is to provide teachers with the tools and resources to enhance the school community. I will strive to engage families in our school activities and happenings as much as possible. I believe that building strong relationships among teachers and parents creates a positive school environment, which in turn promotes academic success. As a parent of two small children, I know how much I rely on the information provided by their school, and the importance of trust between parents and teachers. 

I am eager to get started. Please reach out to introduce yourself! We will have several opportunities at the beginning of school for meet and greets, but I welcome the chance to meet community members as soon as possible. I can be reached at [email protected] 


Mrs. Jennifer Randall


Be Here