Parents are advised to give "medication", meaning any prescription drug or over the counter medicine, at home and on a schedule other than during school hours. However, if it is necessary to administer medication at school, it is required that the school nurse be presented with:

1. A written order by a physician. It must include:
a) name of the medication
b) dosage to be administered
c) times to be given
d) duration
e) reason for medication
2. A written consent form to administer medication in school by the parent or legal guardian.
3. Medication must be in the original prescription bottle, properly labeled.

Any medication must be brought to and from school by the parent/guardian or designated adult.

Field Trips
In order to accommodate student's needs for medication on field trips, the following options are available:
a) The parent may accompany the child and administer the medication.
b) The parent may send a designated adult to administer the medication.

The parent must send a note identifying the designee and granting said person permission to administer the mediation. If this option is used, the parent must give the medication to the designated adult. The supply of medicine at the school cannot be used.

c) The prescribing physician may indicate on the medication order that the medication be  omitted on a field trip.

No child is to bring any over the counter medication to school. If your child needs tylenol, motrin, throat lozenges etc, please call the school nurse.


20.2.1 All medications, including prescription and OTC (over-the-counter), shall be administered only in accordance with a written order from a licensed health care prescriber. All medications shall be administered in keeping with safe standards of health care practice and in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.